Working with inks

When nothing else will do!
Di White using FW Inks

Loving working with acrylics and watercolours for many years, I increasingly felt that I needed my colours to be more intense and vibrant. I experimented with various makes of ink and found that even though the colour was good, these inks tended to fade with time.

Then I came across FW InksWhat a joy to find a product which had such intense colour and which did not fade with time!  Now I really cannot live without these inks as they have a role to play in almost every painting I create. 

The FW White is a particular favourite of mine; it’s so useful for making those all-important highlights which really bring a painting to life.  So imagine my despair a few weeks ago when my local art shop told me that all the stocks of FW White had run out.  Apparently the shipment was held up in Customs – here in South Africa they can really make us wait.  I phoned around all the places I could think of in the hope that there would be a bottle left on a shelf somewhere.  Finaally,cked down the last bottle at Art Sauce in Cape Town.  They even offered to have someone drop the bottle off to me in Somerset West.  Thanks so much to them for saving my (painting) life!


Di White Paintings with FW Ink
FW Ink is an acrylic-based, pigmented ink with excellent lightfastness and water-resistance when dry. These ink can be diluted with water to create effects similar to those of watercolours.

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