5 tips for entering art competitions

Art competitions are a good opportunity to grow as an artist and develop your art career. Prizes benefit artists in ways that matter: the chance to participate in an exhibition, cash, or promotional material and opportunities. Winning an art competition is great!  It is something you can add to your CV, mention to collectors and publicise on your website, blog or facebook page.  By entering art competitions, whether you are selected or not, you demonstrate that you take your art seriously.

Five basic tips when entering:

1. Do your research and make sure you understand the theme and media allowed.  Your art should fit with what the competition organisers are looking for.

2. Read the application thoroughly and follow the instructions.  The application should be filled out entirely, with the correct amount of images and the image files labelled properly.

3. The size, resolution and quality of photos is important.  If the organisers ask for certain size submissions in terms of pixels or inches and resolution, follow it.  There are several free photo editing programs which you can download or use online.  Make your images as good as they can be – properly cropped and with good colour and contrast.

4. Provide a biography, CV and artist’s statement if asked.  If you can prepare several bios of different lengths in advance it will help with submissions for future competitions, but do make sure you tailor and update them each time.

5. The important thing about entering art competitions is not to focus on what you didn’t get, but to appreciate the value of what you achieved.  If your artwork was not selected it does not mean it is not good or that you are not talented.  A painting can be rejected for many reasons that have nothing to do with your ability or skill.

So, keep researching competitions, keep submitting your entries, and keep getting your work out there. Whether you end up winning them all or not, there is no greater way to get to know your own work and stay attuned to the art world than by staying active in the ever-developing community.

…and here’s a nice online competition in which I won an award recently, having followed all the rules!

The competition was held in May 2017. The gallery received submissions from 20 different countries around the world and there were 674 entries judged.

My mixed media painting, ‘Charles & Camilla’ was selected for a Special Merit Award in the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery ‘Animals’ Exhibition.

Charles and Camilla by Di White

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