Painting up a storm!

In the past few days I’ve been busy painting some new work for our next exhibition at my gallery: Bright Street Gallery.

The theme is ‘Lipstick and Rouge – perceptions of beauty through colour’. The title is deliberately a little ambiguous as we wanted to stretch the imaginations of our contributing artists to explore not only portraiture and figurative work, but also more innovative and abstract work.

As usual, we have put out an open call for work to our artist community, which encompasses artists from Somerset West and the Helderberg area, through to Greater Cape Town, Stellenbosch, the Overberg, Hermanus and beyond! Selection day is next Wednesday and now we are eagerly anticipating the artists’ submissions.

So back to my work. The photos  were taken in my studio over the past few days and show the first 2 stages of an acrylic painting which I’ve been working on (the paint has to dry between each stage so I get a nice rich build up of colour):



And now the final stage in which I’ve built up even more colour on the lips, added my characteristic splashes of colour (working with the painting flat on the floor) and put in some other touches to bring the painting to life and give it some real zing!

The finished painting:

I love the City by Di White completed work

All I have to do now is sign my painting.


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