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Featured Artist in the SA Artist Magazine


Well, what an honour and how exciting to have two articles published in the wonderful South African Artist Magazine! Not only am I one of the featured artists, I have another demo published.

I’m very pleased with the lovely piece which Linda Hodnett has created based on my bio and with so many photos of my artworks which have come out so well on the printed page:

Di White featured artist SA Artist pp16-17Di White featured artist SA Artist pp18-19

Linda also offered me the opportunity to do an ink and etching demo using Talens Ink. Of course I jumped at the chance to show how I created ‘Winston’ – the cheeky young warthog:


Below are two of the finished etchings created using the plate I created for the demo and finished with the Talens Indian Ink.

Winston etchings by Di White

Check out the SA Artist Magazine if you can. It’s full of useful and interesting articles.
It’s also available on line.


My etchings are available as limited edition originals and prints.  Please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing.






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