7 great reasons to love miniatures


Four Florals by Di White
‘Purple Florals’ by Di White

I’ve been busy with all sorts of miniature works from 200 x 200mm square paintings, to prints of my original paintings for on-line sales on my facebook page, to greetings cards for the up-coming festive season market which are on sale in my gallery.

And if you don’t already love miniatures here are 7 good reasons why you should!

  1. Perfect for presents – small works are great for gifting or donating.
  2. Tiny easels are so cute!  Display your miniatures on your desk, shelf or side table.
  3. Totally on trend – the resurgence of all things miniature is at an all-time high.
  4. Easy to afford – small paintings mean smaller prices: an affordable way to start an original art collection.
  5. Easier to reorganise – with small artworks you can ring the changes without having to lug about awkward and heavy pieces.
  6. Totally transportable – moving small artworks, packing them, transporting them and mailing them is infinitely easier in petite sizes.
  7. Easy to accommodate – easy to buy because there’s always room in your home for another tiny treasure.
Cards and Miniatures by Di White
Cards and Miniatures by Di White

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