Acrylics & Oils

I use a variety of media particularly acrylic inks and glass stain to produce interesting visual and textural effects.

‘A Touch of Spring’ – acrylic on boxed canvas: 800mm x 1100mm. R16,500.00
I love the city by Di White
I Love the City, acrylic on boxed canvas: 1250mm x 500mm. R11 900,00
City Lights by Di White
‘City Lights’ – acrylic and oil on boxed canvas, 900 x 600mm. R11 000,00
The Thames by Di White
‘The Thames, London’ – acrylic on boxed canvas, 1000mm x 500mm. SOLD

Cape Winter in Ceres by Di White

‘Cape Winter in Ceres’ – acrylic on boxed canvas, 1220mm x 450mm. SOLD




‘The Gathering’ – mixed media on boxed canvas: 1260mm x 600mm. SOLD

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