Welcome to my website!

.Di White
I hope you will enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in my art. My contact details are here.

I love to paint an idea rather than reality. My work is loose, in vibrant, bright colours. Bold brush strokes excite me. My way of working has evolved over many years, and for a long time now I have painted every day.

I have a bold and dynamic approach to the creation of a new painting. I take my inspiration from a landscape or an element from nature, and I internalise the image. The image becomes a feeling, then an idea in my mind which I translate onto canvas using bold brush strokes and bright, vibrant colours. I then step back, I contemplate and compare with the idea in my head. I refine, I rework parts of the canvas until I am satisfied. And if, on viewing the painting the observer gets a sense of that feeling, I am gratified.

Abstract Paintings                                                                  Animal Paintings

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